Land Warfare Centre

59030 Borensberg

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Our task The Land Warfare Centre, LWC, develops capabilities and trains individuals and units in armed combat in preparation for national and international service.

Education The Land Warfare Centre trains and develops individuals and units in ground warfare within the Swedish Armed Forces. Our activities focus on the education of leaders on different levels and our development is a continuing process.

The Land Warfare Centre educates officers to become platoon, company and battalion commanders. Our courses specialize in the fields of command and control, technology, combat vehicles and tactics.

Development The Land Warfare Centre directs and takes part in studies and research concerning systems, units and methods. Our constant aim is to improve ground warfare in order to meet the demands of the future.

Training We offer advanced training with simulators for soldiers and commanders to be able to provide a high and even training quality. The purpose is to provide the participants with a realistic situation for learning and evaluation.

Skövde Garrison We are a part of Skövde Garrison, which also houses the Skaraborg Regiment, P 4, the Logistics Regiment, TrängR, and parts of the Swedish Armed Forces’ logistics organisation, FMLOG. We operate in Kvarn in Östergötland as well as in Skövde, and are an important resource for the entire Swedish Armed Forces in the area of land warfare.