Historical Overview 2010

1967 - Foundation of the "Central Military Mountain School" (ZGKS). The main purpose of this training centre was to provide a standardized training on mountain duties to all members of the "Gebirgsarmeekorps 3", which was founded in 1962. Already in May 1967, this Mountain School organised the 2nd Military Meeting of Alpine Countries (today: International Meeting of Military Mountain Schools).1968-1980 - Avalanche Courses. Thanks to intensive improvements during the 1970s the Military Mountain School develops to a centre of military mountain training courses acknowledged in Switzerland as well as abroad. During that time, educational courses for avalanche specialists of the army are introduced accessible to both Swiss and foreign officers. 1989 - Order of the Upper House of Swiss Parliament The Upper House of Swiss Parliament has enacted an order to regulate aspects of training for military mountaineers. There are two levels that need to be distinguished: level 1 and level 2. The majority of the above mentioned "Gebirgsarmeekorps 3" is trained on level 1 basis. Only a part of that corps as well as selected specialists are educated at level 2. Basic elements of both levels are: Level 1 - introductory courses on summer and winter techniques with the aim to train all participants how to live and to survive in mountainous environment, how to carry out military operations and to teach all participants medical skills. Level 2 - progressive courses to enable the participants to plan operations in a mountainous and cold weather environment. Furthermore all participants are trained in leadership and for deployment as mountain instructors. In summary, the range of services offered by the ZGKS covers training courses for officers of the "Gebirgsarmeekorps 3", for avalanche specialists and for non-commissioned officers as well as international avalanche courses for members of foreign armed forces.

History 2012


Foundation of the military training area Andermatt: Chief of General Staff Max Alphons Pfyffer von Altishofen - Gotthard Fortress to secure the area and the Gotthardtunnel


Construction of the barrack Altkirch


Foundation of the Fortification Guard


Opening of the Central Mountain Warfare School - The 2nd International Meeting of Armed Forces from alpine countries


Change from the Central Mountain Warfare School to the Military Mountainerring Service Centre - Creation of the Mountain Specialist Battalion 1

Main Tasks

  • Centre for Doctrine and Centre of Excellence of the Armed Forces in the area of mountaineering
  • Support for troops preparing deployments in difficult terrain - Assure permanent readiness with the Mountain Specialist Btn;
  • Conduct the Mountain Specialist Schools (recruit / cadre)
  • Responsible for conducting and training of the Mountain Specialist Btn 1
  • Centre of Excellence and Centre of Control for triggering avalanches in the Armed Forces and for civil authorities
  • that trigger avanches with military means.
  • Link between national and international Organisations in Mountain techniques and Search and Rescue organisation.
  • Conduct Mountain Training Courses for Partnership for Peace (PfP)
  • Responsible for the mountain training of other Armed Forces according to the Land Forces guidelines