School Mountain Military and Special Operations

22700 Jaca

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Historical Overview

After the First World War, the European countries with strong mountain traditions started to form mountain schools. In Spain, on April 12 1945, the Military Mountain Schol was founded in Jaca, where the Mountain Courses were started. In 1956 the first "Guerilla Course" was held, and in 1975 the centre was given its current name and the two specialities which it teaches today, becoming from thes time a centre of international repute. The EMMOE is situated in Jaca, in the San Bernardo barracks, and also has a camp in the ski resort of Candanchu.


The Department of Mountain Instruction and Training prepares officers and troops for the following skills and qualifications:

  • Basic Mountain Course - summer phase (CBME).
  • Basic Mountain Course - winter phase (CBMI).
  • Superior Mountain Course (CSM) - with similar summer and winter phases.

Furthermore summer and winter mountain instruction courses are given to about 600 men and women from the Officers' Military Academy and from the NCOs' Military Academy, as well as collaboration in the training of units when necessary. There is an on-going training of officers and diplomats, and periodically the following day refresher courses are given:

  • Snow and avalanches.
  • Rescue and survival.
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Mountain medical practice for doctors and people with injuries.


The mission of the Department of Special Operations instruction and Trainig is to impart the skills and qualifications of special operations to all the commanding officers in the Armed Forces, as well as from other countries that request it, and also to troop personnel from the Army. In 1956 the first "Guerilla Course" was held and since then the School has become a centre of international repute. Today the Department's mission is carried out through courses, refresher courses in explosives, lectures, evaluations and trials of equipment and materials used by special operations units.


The Department of Military Technicians is responsible for organising and carrying out courses which lead to the obtaining of the qualification as MilitaryTechnician. The courses given by this school today are the following:

  • Physical-Sports activities in the natural environment.
  • Medium altitude mountain activities.
  • Cross-country skiing.

The general aim of these courses is to provide military personnel (troops and seamen) with a basic training which qualifies them to carry out various professions, in most cases the equivalent of their military speciality, helping their integration into the work place after their military contract.


In 1985 the Lt. General Army Chief of Staff approved the creation of the High Mountain Military Group (GMAM) in the EMMOE. Today the GMAM is a prestigious element of our Armed Forces. The group's expeditions, in close collaboration with several civilian organisations, have provided an excellent testing ground for the carrying out of scientific an medical studies, and for experiments with techniques, equipment and material, the results of which are used in both military and civilian sectors.


Since the creation of the Military School (EMMOE) the Spanish Army has participated in the various Military Ski Championships for mountain units which armies from otrher countries organise in their respective countries. In 1984 a trainig group was created in the School whose mission was recruitment and physical and technical training. The group also has to organise and preapare an Army team to take part in the various international military ski championships and in other tests,which although non-military, serve as training for Army members. The most qualified members of this group form the Army Ski Team (EEET).