Historical Overview

The Slovenian Military Mountain School has been established in 1996. The Military Mountain School conducted mountaineering, climbing, skiing and mountain warfare courses within Slovenia, other NATO and other Partner countries regularly since then.

Nowadays all types of courses require small groups of students to achieve the best results. After invitation from ACT in 2004 we have started to develop Multinational Center of Excellence for Mountain Warfare (MN COEMW).The MN COEMW would like to thank all nations for their cooperation and support regarding the establishment of the Multi-nationalized Centre of Excellence for Mountain Warfare. MN COEMW has been finally established on 15th November 2011 when Slovenia as a Framework nation and Austria, Hungary and Italy as a Participating nations, signed the Memorandum of Understanding. MN COEMW is located in Bohinjska Bela barracks 60 kilometers North-West from the capital Ljubljana in the heart of the Slovenian mountains. Mission of the MN COEMW is to support the transformation of the forces and assets of mountain warfare. It is accomplished through the organization and work of the MN COEMW around the following core areas:

  • Education and training
  • Doctrine and concept development
  • Capability development and support to experimentation
  • Lessons identified and lessons learned processes

Participation in the MN COEMW activities is open to all NATO member states, EU member states, PfP member states and other interested entities. Cooperation within MN COEMW enables to raise military mountaineering knowledge and skills and strengthen relationships among the participants from several Armed Forces. In addition it contributes to regional and global cooperation as well as international mutual understanding. Furthermore MN COEMW expressed their determination and support in order to expend membership with the interested nations in a future. We are looking forward to welcome you in the MN COEMW