NLD Center of Competence for Mountain, Arctic & Jungle Operations

3940 AD Doorn

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Historical overview

The Joint Centre of Competence for Military Operations under eXtreme conditions (J-KCMOX) was founded as a one-man office in January 2006. Initially it was called cold weather trainer. Before that time Dutch and UK Royal Marines mountain leaders have formed several offices, were they archived techniques and tactics for mountain and arctic warfare.

In 2010 J-KCMOX became what it is now: a centre of competence consisting of mountain, arctic, jungle and military tracking.warfare for the Dutch Ministry of Defence (MOD). The J-KCMOX is located in Doorn and will be located in 2015 in Den Helder under the wings of the Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC). The Royal Navy is the single service management, but the J-KCMOX operates in an joint and combined environment direct for the MOD.

The combination mountain troops and The Netherlands is maybe a strange one. But since 1973 the Dutch and British Royal Marines work together in their task to defend the North flank of Europe. Therefore it was necessary to conduct training in a harsh environment.

Since that period we professionalised our trainings, tactics and equipment in arctic and mountain warfare. Areas of operations have been mainly Wales, Scotland, Norway, Canada, USA and of course the Alps.


Since 2011 the J-KCMOX became a permanent member of the IAMMS, with the topic urban climbing organised in The Netherlands. The main effort now is gaining knowhow, sharing knowledge and developing technical and tactical guidelines and training for the Dutch MOD on mountain and arctic warfare.