Training Camp Mountain- and Wintercombat

D-82481 Mittenwald

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Historical Overview

Germany's Military Mountain School started work at the so called "Lager Luttensee" near Mittenwald in January 1958. Shortly after, in spring 1959, today's Infantry School in Hammelburg was put in charge of this school. However, in 1963 the Mountain School regained its independence now named "Kampftruppenschule IV". After a period of five years, the "Kampftruppenschule IV" was dissolved and re-established as "Mountain Training Centre" of the 1st Mountain Division. Another important step was taken in April 1970, when finally the "Military Mountain Training Centre" was founded resulting in today's Military Mountain School. In the course of tremendous restructuring measures of the German Army, the school moved to the Karwendel-Barracks in Mittenwald in autumn 1992, after having put the 234th battalion of Military Mountaineers off duty.On April 1, 2000 the General of the Infantry was put in charge of the Military Mountain School. Today, the above mentioned "Lager Luttensee" is used for biwaks and as a training location.