Training Centre for Commandos

5024 Namur

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Historical overview

First Cdo units arrive in Marche-Les-Dames in 1945 and in 1947 the base receives its actual name ( Commando Training Centre ). The centre gives the necessary training for the future Commando soldiers. In 1952, the actual Commando and Parachute units are integrated in one ParaCdo regiment ( that explains the existence of red and green berets ) together with the CommandoTrgC and the ParaTrgC. Up until 1978, the future ParaCdo soldiers where enlisted and trained up to the existing standards in their own batalion. From 1978 the commando TrgC takes on this mission in order to assure a uniform operational standard for all ParaCdo recruits. Since 2002 this basic instruction mission is taken over by another joint instruction center and CommandoTrgC concentrates its efforts now on giving high standard specialized courses ( Hand-to-hand-combat , survival specialists, snipers, advanced camouflage, mountain leaders, ... ) while continuing to teach the traditional Cdo - techniques ( climbing, amphibious Trg, ....)

Short chronicle of the school


The first Belgian Commandos come into being and train at the Achnacarry Training Centre in Scotland during WW II.


The Commandos set up their base at Marche-les-Dames. The site is ideal for commando training: rocks, stretches of water and woods.


Setting up of the Training Centre for Commandos at Marche-les-Dames.


The Commando Regiment and the Parachute Regiment fuse together and from then onwards undergo identical training.


The Training Centre for Commandos is charged with giving basic military instruction to all Para Commando candidates.


The Commando Training Centre becomes “Centre of Competence inside BEL Defense for assistance techniques in surmounting obstacles”.