I Structure of the Association

Art 1 Permanent members

Permanent members comprise one military mountain school for each country. Permanent members are listet in Annex 1.

Art 2 Members with observer status (permanent observers)

Under the following conditions, further military mountain schools may be accepted as members with observer status: - Accession request in writing to one of the permanent members and then to the secretary of the association - Accession with the consent of all permanent members The military mountain schools of countries with observer status participate in all joint activities. Their presence in the Assembly is limited to the right of a say. For each country only one school may be granted membership with observer status. Members with observer status are listed in Annex 1.

Art 3 New permanent members

Only members having observer status since at least two years and having organised an international meeting of the military mountain schools may become permanent members. The request of a member with observer status to become permanent member must be submitted in writing to the secretary of the association and accession depends on the consent of all permanent members.

Art 4 Representatives

Every designated commander / director of a military mountain school is its official representative.

Art 5 Competencies

The Assembly of permanent members is entitled to decide on joint exchange programmes, international meetings, future cooperation and agreements relating to their function as mountain training centre.

Art 6 Decisions

Decisions and resolutions are binding as soon as they have been signed by the school commanders / directors, given the consent of superior authorities.

Art 7 Secretariat

military mountaineering service Centre(mil mtn svc C) in Andermatt (Switzerland) serves as Secretariat for all schools represented. It is obliged to collect and store all documents in the languages of the represented schools. Messages, documents, proposals, studies etc. of member countries shall be sent to the Secretariat for further elaboration, distribution and filling.

II International meetings of the military mountain schools

Art 8 Objectives

International meetings of the military mountain schools serve the following goals: - Establishing a large degree of mutual agreement between the military training centres in all fields such as training activities, methods, techniques, equipment - Familiarisation with the geographic environment - Sharing mutual experiences wich promote consensus and comradeship - Implementaion, application and elaboration of existing suggestions by the official representatives.

Art 9 Frequency

Meetings are held annualy, if possible in summer and in winter alternately. By mutual agreement the representatives of the military mountain schools can organise other work meetings if necessary.

Art 10 Organisation

Every member is rotated to organise the annual meeting according to the following sequence: Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and France. This sequence may be altered, if Art 3 can be applied or one member requests this and the other members agree unanimously. Countries with observer status (permanent observers) may also organise the annual meeting of military mountain schools, if the country places its requests two year prior to the event and all permanent members agree.

Art 11 Participants

At least 2 and no more than 4 persons for each permanent member and no more than 2 persons for members with oserver status shall attend every meeting. General or personal invitations can be issued for every school. The organising country is free to invite no more than 2 representatives per country from other mountain schools as well. Apart from the commander's meetings, these participants attend all joint events.

Art 12 Technical Commission

The international organisation of the military mountain schools constitute within the annual meeting the technical commission. The task of the technical commission is to conduct an intensive exchange of information and to define standards accepted by all members regarding mountain warefare training and operations. All permanent members are represented within the technical commission by two specialists of their military mountain school. The technical commission is coordinated by an elected chairman.

Art 13 Activities

The organising mountain school presents a programme of all mountain activities. This programme must include a meeting of the mountain school commanders / directors where specific problems are treated and decisions will be made. During at least 2 days of the meetings the technical commission has to work on specific mountain technological and tactic problems and to present its findings to the assembly.

Art 14 Language

This Regulation shall be compiled in English and in German will be handed out to every school commander / director for authorisation and safe-keeping. A protocol with the essential conclusions of the annual meeting shall be issued in English.

Art 15 Archives

Every military mountain school shall keep its own archive for the storage of protocols and other important documents from the meetings. It shall be maintained regardless of the Secretariat's duties.

III Final stipulations

Art 16 Amendments of the Regulations

Amendments of Regulations require the unanimous consent of the representatives (school commanders / directors) of all permanent members. Amendment proposals must be sent to the secretary in writing at least 3 months before the meeting. These amendments must be listed on the agenda of that meeting.

Art 17 Egression from the Association

Notice of this step must be given to the secretary in writing at least 3 months before the meeting and listed on the agenda of that meeting.

Art 18 Dissolution of the Association

Proposals to dissolve the Association must also be made to the secretary in writing at least 3 months before the meeting and listed on the agenda of that meeting.

Art 19 Entry into force

These Regulations were passed at the annual meeting in Jaca on February 12, 2004 and entered into force on the same date.

The Secretary: Col GS Hans Wyrsch